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Predictions for 2015

Posted by on December 31, 2014



Proserpina with flames bestows a boon

on strangers at the dock.  A catchy tune

with readiness of wit upholds a land

that neither men nor cattle understand.

Who wields a truncheon in his bloody fist?

The copper dolls implore Par Lagerkvist.

Within the bony earth, the lowly mole

soaks up the moisture from the Southern Pole.

Fountains dance!  The healing springs rejoice!

The helmet-wearing knave has little choice

but still deceives and counterfeits his plots

until he meets a barking dog with spots.

From Venus take your ambergris and musk.

From Jupiter eschew the empty husk.

A noble city on a fertile plain:

will no one save the prisoner from pain?

Speculation and conjecture fight

to solve the riddle of the riddler’s might.

By six o’clock the time has come and gone

to see a milk-white crow or jet-black swan.

A crystal mountain views an ancient grudge

distilled in cryptic jars.  No man can budge

the unexpected gift the sea retrieves.

And not on any map, the pack rat grieves.

Behold a wonderland obsessed with fear!

Behold a prince who cannot hold his beer!

Within the emerald vaults of holy Inde

there hides a fallen man whose hair has thinned.

His nose is like a lobster boiled bright red

and many are the sins laid on his head.

Tears of pity wash a logging truck.

Entrenched and vested interests run amok.

A chiliastic moment in the shire.

A shooting star betokens wild desire.

An empty concord, hence peacekeepers fail.

The old bull moose is hounded into jail.

A father never heard from reappears.

Heroic figures hawk craft local beers.

The lengthy struggle postulates a clue.

If one resists it, does his face turn blue?

Kenya cries out for justice under law.

The Roman magnate feeds his greedy maw.

The penitent sees light alone, upstairs.

Corrupt commands are scorched with many cares.

Go hunt the winter walrus with the bow!

Not once but twice, the common people know.

The natives in the forest tree the bears.

A colony of pilgrims climbs the stairs.

The watchword lingers:  thirty four is best.

Below the rocky wall the plan will vest.

A case of sinusitis in Japan

will bring discomfort to the inner man.

She has more dreams of wonder in her bag

than one would think for such a shriveled hag.

Yon ghostly wraith reveals a solemn code.

A rising tide obscures the mother lode.

Explorers find the passage for themselves.

Inclement winds bring tidings of the elves.

These are my visions for 2015.

Let fools and sages ponder what I mean.



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