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Short Works

Just published September 29, 2014 — my short story, “The Great Carb Uncle” in edition 590 of “Bewildering Stories” online. See

Cogwheel Press anthology —  A Turn of the Wheel, a collection of speculative fiction short stories featuring two of my fantasy stories.

“A haunted Ferris wheel…enchanted dice…the accidental end of the world…a doomed wartime love affair…the last tree on Earth…  Five authors conjure imaginative tales to tickle your fancy and haunt your dreams.  The fifteen stories in this collection will amuse, challenge, frighten and always surprise.”

Some of my other shorter stuff can be found online.

Two of my short stories are in a Halloween-themed anthology available October 2012 as a free ebook on Smashwords at:

In 2007 I wrote a series of three wild and zany fantasy short stories for Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction.   The series was called “Tales of Yxning.”   One of the things I enjoyed about writing these stories was that I took a minor character in one story, and then made him the major character in the next story.   If you like humorous fantasy, you can still find and read these stories online at the following sites:

“The Tragical History of Weebly Pumrod, Witch Hunter” is page 66  at:

“The Remarkable Life of Yren Higbe” is at page 62 at:

“Contrarieties” is at page 58 at:

Some of my older poems in Waterways magazine can be accessed for free from the Scribd website.  For some reason these appear on the internet and then disappear; don’t ask me why.   You could say that, in the world of poets, I am a Blakean formalist.   I think the Imagists took the world of poetry down the wrong path and I much prefer writing in traditional forms with meter and rhyme.   You can find some of my poems on these sites:

A series of nine of my poems appeared in the Legal Studies Forum which is available in many libraries.  Recently I found one of these poems online.  You can read it at  You can get information about the other poems online at: